Weekly Brazos River Outlook – Nov 20, 2023

As of 8:15 AM on November 20, 2023, the Brazos River in Richmond remains low at Gage Elevation 9.44 feet. The NWS forecast is showing a strong storm system over the central United States that will produce a round of severe weather Monday afternoon into Tuesday. Temperatures will remain warmer through Monday but winter weather will push through the Region this week. Generally, high temperatures on Tuesday through Thanksgiving will be approximately 20 degrees colder than Monday. After Monday’s scattered storms, rain chances across the Region remain low. The 7-Day Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) is showing the lower Brazos River Watershed receiving less than ½ of rain over the next 7 days. Most of that rainfall will occur over the next 24 hours. Based on the current forecast, no flooding due to the Brazos River through Fort Bend County is anticipated.

See the attached Flood Risk Report.