Weekly Brazos River Outlook / Brazos River In Action Stage – Jan 29, 2024

As of 9:15 AM on January 29, 2024, the Brazos River in Richmond is at Gage Elevation 33.62 feet and falling. The River in Richmond peaked around Gage Elevation 43.85 feet on January 27. The WGRFC expects the Brazos River to drop below Action Stage later this week. The NWS Forecast is showing mostly sunny to party cloudy skies for the majority of the week. Rain chances across the Region remain low but the Region could see the return of some rain heading into the weekend. The 7-Day Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) is showing the lower Brazos River Watershed receiving around 2 inches of rain over the next 7 days. Based on the current forecast, no flooding due to the Brazos River through Fort Bend County is anticipated.

Over the weekend, the District’s Operator and Engineer continued to monitoring the conditions. The pump station was operated to use this opportunity to run the pumps and test the District general operations. Currently the water levels within the District and outside of the levee continue to fall as the Brazos river recedes.

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See the attached Flood Risk Report.