Weather Update

This post is a short update on operations in the District.B All permanent pumps are operational at this time and our operator, LMS, has deployed the emergency Gator pumps to supplement our permanent pumping capacity.B LMS and our engineer LJA are working to lower internal water levels in the District in anticipation of potential rainfall in the forecast.B The water level in the internal lakes had risen to approximately elevation 67 mean sea level (msl) overnight.B This morning the internal level was at 65 msl.B Approximately 30 minutes later, the internal level had been reduced to approximately 64.7 msl due to the pumping and efforts of LMS.B Currently, the internal water level is at approximately 63.5 msl and dropping.B The external (Brazos River) elevation at the outfall structure which was approximately 66.7 msl.
LMS has an operator on site and will continue to monitor the pumping.B We anticipate that we will be back to normal lake levels in the District this evening depending on the amount of rainfall received today.B LMS and LJA will continue to keep your Board of Directors, the City and County updated on status.
We encourage our residents to sign up for alerts from the City of Sugar Land and from Fort Bend County.B Also, the City has asked residents to report any damage to them.B You must register with the Citybs website in order to post information.
Here is the link to the Citybs websiteB To register for alerts, please go to