Imelda 09/20/19 9:45 AM Update

The majority of the region remains in a Flash Flood Watch through this evening due to the possibility of scatter showers and thunderstorms. Overall the activity is not anticipated to be as strong as the previous days. Based on the forecasts, Fort Bend County could receive less than 1 inch of rainfall over the next 24 with the majority of the lower Brazos River watershed seeing less than B= inch. After today, the extended weather forecast is showing a return of sunny to mostly sunny skies with rain chances below 25% over the next 7 days. The only exception is Sunday, which currently has rain chances closer to 40%. Overall, the lower Brazos River Watershed is forecasted to receive less than 1 inch over the next 7 days.

According to the NWS, Imelda dropped over 40 inches of rainfall over 3 days in portions of the region which caused rapid flooding and severe damages. Fort Bend County received about 6 inches over the past 3 days. The majority of the rainfall in Fort Bend County fell over the past 24 hours which caused significant rises in many of our streams and ditches and excessive ponding in streets. The rainfall received across central Fort Bend County caused a 4.8 foot jump in the Brazos River in Richmond; however, the Brazos River has fallen 2 feet since the peak and should continue to fall back to our pre-event levels by the end of the weekend.