Flash Flood Watch / Brazos River Update – 01/02/19 @ 9:45 AM

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for much of the region until noon on Thursday, January 3. This morningbs forecast is continuing to show the majority of our region receiving between 1 to 3 inches of rainfall with the potential for isolated amounts of 4 to 5 inches. Based on this morningbs forecast, the heaviest rains continue to be to our north and east. With much of our soils still saturated, any rainfall received will quickly be converted to runoff which can potentially cause street ponding and rises in our local watersheds. Final impacts will depend on the final location and volume of rainfall received.

Based on the forecasts, the upper portions of the Brazos River Watershed is expected to receive between 2 to 3 inches with similar chances for isolated amounts between 4 to 5 inches. As of this morning, the WGRFC has forecasted the Brazos River in Hempstead peaking around Gage Elevation 52.4 feet. The current forecast for Richmond shows a similar rise; however, at this moment the forecast ends at Gage Elevation 42.7 feet with no crest shown due to the published forecast window. We will continue to monitor the conditions and provide additional updates as necessary.