Community Cares: Removal of Trash and Debris

Fort Bend County LID 14 continues to remove trash and debris from the lakes. This is a major undertaking by the District and ask all residents to help keep them clean.

In the Spring of 2022, Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 14 started the process to transition the maintenance of the lakes from the Property Owners Associations to the District. One of the major maintenance related items is removing debris and trash from the lakes. This is a major undertaking by the District that requires continual effort by the District’s operator to remove unwanted items from the lake. The District asks all residents to help keep our community clean by properly disposing of all trash.

One of the biggest items found in the lakes is a large amount of yard debris. This includes leaves, grass chippings, and other plant related materials. When you or your yard crews blow, these items should be properly disposed of and not blown into the streets or lakes. Lawn waste in the streets can clog storm drains leading to an increased risk of street flooding as well as impact the water quality of our lakes. In addition, please be mindful of not spreading yards chemicals and fertilizers in the streets and lakes. These can also impact our overall lake quality.

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