Brazos River Update – January 9th

Update from Leveen Management Services:
Quick update on the current conditions. River has passed original projections and is currently 46.3 and not quite crested yet. Looking upstream at Hempstead and San Felipe, those gauges are showing crest and currently on the way back down which means we are very close on seeing our peak down at Richmond. Rain forecasts for later this week have been dropped quite a bit and look like they may push out of our way completely. If we do see rain, looks like Saturday will be our day. Currently, all districts are in great shape and have zero issues. Not much pumping taking place each day, just enough to keep internal water levels as low as possible from the overnight everyday drainage. All levees are still untouched from the river and we donbt anticipate them having any water on them at all for the rest of this river event. LMS will continue to monitor the river and rain forecasts as well as inspections throughout all drainage facilities.
Hopefully we see the crest soon and the river dropping rapidly. We will keep everyone updated if we see additional changes in any of the forecasts.